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July 31, 2004

Dear friends and family,

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but John had a heart attack yesterday and is presently at Sacred Hearts in the ICU in Eugene.

There is some light at the end of the tunnel - it seems damage is not too bad and he should recuperate.

We will know more Monday.

At present time they are stabilizing him and  making sure he gets the proper care.


From Bob Dunn
August 2, 2004

I've talked to Bibi and John's heart is too weak for the doctors to do anything, they expect him to die anytime.  Only a miracle will save him.  

Bibi is making arrangements for me to call and talk to John in about 30 minutes.  

The girls had just left the hospital for a quick trip to Florence with Candy.

Keep him in your prayers.

John's home phone: 541-997-3440
Candy's cell number: 610-914-7591
Hospital: 541-686-6962 ask for John Dunn in ICU they will transfer you to the waiting room where you might get Bibi she is not leaving the hospital.

August 2, 2004

I had a nice talk with John. His spirit is good. Just has a hard time breathing. Told him we loved him and are praying for him. Bibi didn't want him to know the doctor's outlook, so we just visited about the good old days. 

He was worried that we might have been in that down pour that hit Lancaster last week. I will wait till morning to make travel arrangements. 

It looks like America West has the best fares, just horrible arrival times. 

Bob Dunn

August 5, 2004

Candy called and said that John will be going home in about four days. Bibi needs to make arrangements for home care - visiting nurse, hospital bed, wheelchair, etc. 

Ask mother if she still wants to visit John. 

Bob Dunn
August 18, 2004 

Mother asked me to e-mail your and you would let her know. John got mother's card yesterday and got very happy over it. 

He will be going to a skilled nursing facility tomorrow for some weeks and receive out patient treatment at Sacred Hearts and thereafter come home.

 When I have a phone nr. for him in the facility I will let you know. 

At present time his phone nr is 541-341-3215

August 21, 2004 

Dear Friends and Family, 

John was moved from the hospital yesterday to 
South Hills Rehabilitation Center
1166 E. 28 th Street
Eugene, Or. 97403

His phone number on the room is 541-344-7753

He is very weak and quite ill, but the plan is that he will go to Sacred Hearts 3 times a week for infusion treatment and hopefully that will build up his heart, so that he after a few weeks can come home.

We appreciate all the prayers, thoughts, letters , cards, flowers etc. that all of you have sent him.

Keep us in your prayers.

Love Bibi

August 25, 2004

Dear Friends and Family,

John passed away peacefully this afternoon.

John's funeral will be Wednesday September 1st, 2004, 2pm (14.00) It will be at Burn's Riverside Chapel, in Florence ,Or.


We hope to see you there. If you need hotel information or anything else, please don't hesitate to call.

John now is in a better place and we will all miss him. We are all richer having known him


May his soul rest in peace with God.