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  Uses for PayPal


Why Should I Use PayPal?

It's Free
Our service is completely free. There are no hidden charges or fees for using

It's Convenient
Our service allows you to email money from your PayPal account to anyone with an email address.

It's Easy to Use
To send money, you only need to log in at and enter the recipient's email address and the dollar amount. You can also email a request for money or send a personal bill to a group of friends.

It's Instant
Unlike checks, which can take days to clear, PayPal transactions clear instantly. Online auction sellers no longer have to wait for their payment, and hence, can ship products sooner, while buyers get to receive their items faster.

It's Secure
PayPal's strong encryption provides more security than conventional paper-based payment methods like checks, which can be forged, altered, counterfeited, or lost. We guarantee that all PayPal payments are valid.

It's Private
PayPal transactions are private. Neither party has access to the other's credit card or bank account numbers. That makes PayPal great for online auction purchases and other situations in which you are reluctant to give out sensitive financial information. See our privacy and security policies for more information.

Examples of Ways to Use PayPal

Here are real-life examples of people using PayPal:

  • Buy baseball card through online auction
  • Pay coworker back for lunch
  • Pay friend back for movie ticket
  • Pay brother for half of family Christmas presents
  • Send money to your daughter at college
  • Request and collect money from your parents
  • Pay for NCAA tournament pool
  • Receive reimbursement for bills from roommates
  • Buy a football game ticket from a friend
  • Pay rent to landlord